4 secrets to distinguish a hand-made carpet from a machine-made carpet


Expert people can tell whether a carpet is hand-made or machine-made at a glance, but considering that there are many types of hand-made machine-made carpets in the market today, it may be difficult for some ordinary people who do not have a clue about carpets to distinguish between hand-made and machine-made carpets. It is a difficult task.

Do not scrape the stain on the carpet with a knife!


Undoubtedly, if liquids are spilled on the carpet, it should be dried quickly to prevent it from rotting. When there is a stain on the carpet that does not come off easily, never go to the carpet with a knife and do not try to remove the stain by removing the texture.

My carpet has turned yellow, what should I do ?!

washing carpet

This is the problem of many people after washing their carpets at home. This happens due to the remaining dirt, pus and yellow water that comes out of the carpet after washing and settles after drying and destroys the texture of the carpet or turns the roots of the carpet, which are the ends of the carpet, yellow.

13 important points in spreading the carpet !


In general, maintaining the carpet includes rolling it and spreading it in the right place, and naturally, taking care and paying attention to the conditions of the place where the carpet is spread is one of the most essential elements in maintaining the carpet; Therefore, according to the same issue