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Ararat Oriental Rug Co is proud to staff a professional group of repair masters of the persian and oriental rugs here in Vancouver.

Our Master weavers are expert inthe field.They have over 100 combined years of experience on repairs and restorations.

Your full satisfaction is guaranteed.

Rug and Carpet Repair Service Ararat Rugs in Vancouver Canada

Rug Repairs Servisec Gallery

The beauty and quality of your oriental rug can be maintained for decades to come with proper care and cleaning.

The maintenance information reviewed below will assure you years of luxuriant service from your newly purchased rug.


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Rug Repairs Servisec Gallery

A good quality padding under your rug is essential for rug preservation. Pads stabilize the rug, minimize friction between the floor and rug, provide breathing space beneath the rug and add to sound absorption. We carry a large selection of pads for carpeted or hard wood floors. Avoid any pad which is too soft or thick as they cause the foundation of the rug to be stretched when weight is placed on the rug.

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